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Dancing in the Wood(s)
This video is a collaboration with Lara Hauser, one of my former dance students. At that time I wanted to explore my new iPhone app Filmic Pro and the gimbal I bought for smooth scenes. We were lucky to film in the carpentry workshop of Sepp Hofer without having to pay anything.
Good Night Humanity
During the first lockdown I had the idea to film a few improvised scenes in the woods close to where I live. The idea for the script and the twisting point at the end just developed during the filming. In two days all scenes were recorded and edited. It was amazing how fast I was in the flow.
La Cobriza Trailer
This was a project with the flamenco artist La Cobriza during our first photoshoot in the park of St. Johann in Tirol. We also wanted to record some moving images later that day and waited for the perfect angle of the sun shining onto the bridge.
Happy St. Johann in Tirol
When Pharrell Williams' "Happymania" became viral my friend GU and me decided to make a version for St. Johann in Tirol where you are surrounded by beautiful mountains and can find cozy places. I was so lucky that GU has a lot talent to coordinate and organize all the people in the video. I only had to film and edit. She also had the idea to give our friend Becky a special role for the intro.
​​Dansstudio Dentro Performance Trailer
I created three promotion videos for Dansstudio Dentro where I taught for more than 6 years​ in the Netherlands. This is the best and final one in which I worked a lot with split screen. I filmed in theatre "Cool" in Herhugowaard during the general rehearsals. A lot scenes are choreographed by Winston Arnon, a dancer from the contemporary company "Conny Janssen Danst".
Stars of Tomorrow / Young! Tanzsommer Austria
This was a production for young American dance companies who visit Austria every summer and perform in different cities. I also have the pleasure to teach a few dance workshops to the companies coming. I am looking forward to see them again every year.

Eiserner Steg (Philipp Poisel-Cover)

Wh​en I first got my Canon camera I was very excited to experiment with a new look. So I decided to make a music video on one of my favorite songs. My friend Friederike helped me a lot with the filming.
Jazz Promo Teaser
Jasmin Rituper alias Jazz is a performer with who I worked together for two short projects in the Memento Dance Company.​ When I used to live in Amsterdam she visited me and we experimented two days in the big hallway of a building where lots of artists have their studios. A great space in which I did a couple of more videos.
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