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Interview with MVA Carsten Lumière Sasse
In this interview from 2012 I talk openly about politics, the meaning of true friendship, Austria, following your heart and many more subjects. Thank you Marlijn for taking the time to interview me and let me talk about my visions in public for the first time.

Camera & Interview: Marlijn Franken
Editing & Subtitles: MVA Carsten Lumière Sasse
How to cope with dance injuries when you are older
A video to all (older) dancers out there who are struggling with injuries and think that their dancing career might be over. IT IS NOT !!! 
How to understand each other better
This was my new year's message for 2020. It was an approach to understand each other's reality on a deeper level and that different environments need different behavior.
How to stay fit outside
During the first lockdown I had the privilege to be surrounded by Nature. Inspired by the makers from "Jackass" the idea to this short video came up in my mind. Some of the terms used in the video only dancers understand ;-)
FREE SPIRIT - Inspirations for Better Times
(download for free in German)
In February 2017 I wrote an essay about topics which (should) matter to all of us. It deals with our voting system, politics, money issues, refugees, races, religions, the EU and our education system.
You can download this essay in German for free. I hope it inspires and motivates you to think and act with your heart and common sense. Feel free to discuss and share it with others.
Carsten Lumiere Sasse Spiritual Script
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